A Tapestry Collection

Tapestry - a picture or pattern that is made by weaving coloured wool onto heavy cloth; the art of doing this.

I have spent the last few weeks dreaming of a small, intimate collection of yarn. A tender idea that caught my mind one day - a woven history of Olann. What if I took all the fibre dyed for permanent colours, and wove it into something new. Spun a new life into it, from the archives of the past. I let this thought take shape, ideas floating in front of my eyes in the forms of dusty blue skies, lazy sunsets, the turning of spring, then summer in my garden, walks by the stormy sea, the stillness of the mist. From where I used to get inspiration, and from where I blocked it out, it poured itself in front of me as an idea of a tapestry. 

For this collection, I have dyed a soft and gentle colour to represent the best of my archive.  The yarn presents as a softened dusty blue tone, marled with soft greys, taupes, lilacs, rose.. 


I have a small amount of bare, undyed (some non-superwash) yarn from other mills here in the studio. If you've a certain favourite, leave a note and I will dye Woven on your requested base (if it's still available). Otherwise, please note that your skein will be randomised. Please allow a 4-6 week time frame for shipping.