Swimrise Club



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Welcome to the Swimrise Club!

This is a 3 month subscription to the Olann Swimrise Club which begins in the second week of April 2021.

Swimrise is all about that healthy dose of Vitamin Sea! One morning, I realised I needed to swim in the sea, I push aside the 'oh crap why am I doing this' thought as my ankles dip beneath the icy cold Irish water. But I keep going, and then all I know and feel is my breath leaving my body, my thoughts, my anxieties, my fears all evacuating and in exchange I am full of light, energy, vibrancy, laughter... love. Sometimes I go on my own, sometimes with a friend. But the feeling I'm always left with never changes. So, wild swimming has led me to want to share these moments of calm, light and happiness with you, through depth of tone, hue and colourful yarn in our Swimrise Club. As soon as our heads hit the water we feel so much more alive and connected to ourselves and nature. The cold sea is so bracing that our worries and stresses seem to disappear and I want to recreate this in yarn for you.

You have 2 choices of bases, you pick one base for the duration of the membership. You will receive 3 skeins total of your chosen base in the club colour.

Signups for membership are announced on social media platforms. We open memberships in the final month of the previous round. Club colours are unavailable to non-members.

Should you require more yarn, you can buy two or more club subscriptions and we will refund you the second shipping costs.

Packages will ship via An Post express post.