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Welcome to the very first yarn advent calendar from Olann! 

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This years inspiration and theme comes from the wonder of the Winter Solstice that occurs in Newgrange, Ireland, on the shortest day of the year. Representing return of the light, solstitium, renewal and rebirth. Our theme will reflect upon finding the light inside each of us in dark times, the circularity of light and life. Returning to the "grand stretch" of light after the darkest day of the year. 


In particular, we will be focussing on an old Irish passage tomb dating to the Neolithic Age, known as Newgrange. Newgrange, or known in Gaeilge as Sí an Bhrú, is a 5,200 year old passage tomb located in the Brú an Bóinne in Ireland's Ancient East.


Newgrange is most famous for the small opening or "roof-box" situated above the passage entrance. At dawn on the winter solstice a shaft on sunlight enters the chamber through the opening in the roof box. The sun shines directly along the long passage, illuminating the inner chamber and revealing the carvings inside, notably the triple spiral on the front wall of the chamber. This event lasts for 17 minutes, beginning around 9am. To the Neolithic culture of the Brú an Bóinne, the winter solstice marked the start of the new year, a sign of nature's rebirth and promising renewed life to crops, animals and humans. 

Solas Advent (FULL SET) - Preorder

For us here at Olann, it was important that when exploring the idea of patterns to coincide with the advent, that both yarn and design are created to work intrinsically together. We knew instantly who could create such an amazing pattern, and who would share my vision given her background. Roos Vlaskamp, of Flax Field Designs, is not just a visionary knitwear designer, but also an incredible archaeologist. When we began discussing this project, we instantly felt at ease; rambling off endless ideas for colours and patterns, drawing inspiration from the Neolithic artwork adorning the kerbstones and passageways of Newgrange.