Mill Mystery Bag



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This is a mill mystery/lucky dip/grab bag - each bag will be a surprise! This is a super mixed bag - this will be a mix of colours and possibly weights... think of it like a mill yarn taster pack, we will have them in either 200g or 500g options. We have lots of ends from our mill yarn production, from as little as 20g skeins to 98g skeins. Please note that you could receive several different 20g skeins, a larger 50g skein, or a bunch of 98g skeins.. it's just a mix of all our ends! But no seconds :)

Please note: if you do request to have more than one of the same colour, we will try our damnedest to facilitate this, but no promises.

We hope you will receive something you love, we really do! Our last three rounds of mystery bags have been wildly successful and we will strive for this time to be just as wonderful for you!

Mill Mystery Bag
Mill Mystery Bag