Clubs 2023!

For our yarn club this year, things will look a little different.

We stopped our yarn club last year as it wasn’t bringing us the joy it once did and I am a firm believer in doing things that we truly enjoy in life. I also think the mood we are in when creating something plays a role in how it is either viewed or used, and I feel that moods/vibes must align with what it is we are creating for it to be truly enjoyed.

I had an idea on how I wanted to engage with our clubs again late last year, but sometimes we must sit with these ideas and let them grow.

Let me share our vision for our 2023 yarn club..

We have mapped out each month of the year and assigned it a specific word. A word we felt resonated with the mood of each month.

Each word is assigned a visual, from art, stills, photos we take, we draw inspiration for colour through these visuals.

January – February – March




April – May – June




July – August – September




October – November – December




Each month, we will post and share our visuals across our social media channels, and which we will keep on our Pinterest boards also for your reference.

We want some freedom in how we create these yarn clubs, so we are allowing each month to tell us what it wants to be in terms of how many colours, whether it’s hand dyed or mill spun. Therefore, we will be sharing these yarn clubs with you as a limited run and ready to ship at the end of each month. The colours will stay a surprise, but our visuals will help guide you, as will the word of the month. No signups required and no quarterly or yearly commitment! You just have to decide if the word of the month and the visuals align with you.

In addition to these yarn clubs, I will be creating special add-ons that are totally optional. From hand poured candles, to soothing bath salts and body oils, this year is about feeling into the moment and the word of the month.

For me in particular, while we have our wholesale dyeing, and our shop updates (which, hey, stay tuned I’ve info about that too!), I still love exploring with colour (and scent!) and that’s what yarn clubs personally offers me. Keeps me on my toes, keeps my mind active, and brings me such joy to create.

So let’s talk about Januarys club?

I used to love making New Year goals. I generally stuck with them, but I think over time I’ve sort of grown to say fuck that. I would feel a sense of “have to“ and “must do” when it came to this time of year. This time round, I’m listening to my body.

It wants to rest.

So Januarys word is Rest.

To just be still and let the days unfold. And when I lean into what this visually looks like, I see soft colours. Not necessarily dull colours, but rather a more mellow hue. Gentle moments in time. The winter morning sun shining in on a corner of my bedroom. Watching the dancing shadows move like water. Capturing the glimpses of twilight, the soft fading sky before the deep dark navy sets in for the night. The reflections of moody skies on puddles.

Januarys yarn club will have one full skein (420m/100g) of Meara, our mill spun yarn,  and accompanying the full skein is four  Meara mill minis (80m/20g) all curated within the theme of Rest. This is €71.

I have also made a limited amount of bath salts to help us rest. Lavender, Bergamot with middle notes of Gernaium and Frankinscene and bottom notes of Marjoram and Lemongrass – €12.95

le grá

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