Draíocht – Pure Magic

How excited I am to share with you our newest yarn line – Draíocht. It comprises of 70% Corriedale and 30% Rambouillet, with a gorgeous round 3ply construction in a DK weight. Draíocht in Irish means Magic, which this yarn is nothing short of.

Corriedale is known for it’s smooth fibre and decent staple length, thanks to this crossover of the bouncy Merino wool and the lustre of Lincoln Longwool. Difficult to spin a fine yarn with, but it creates a beautiful DK! Rambouillet has a lower micron count, meaning its quite lovely to wear against the skin. By combining these fibres, we’ve created a uniquely rustic yarn that softens so beautifully when worked with and blocked. 

This yarn was a journey, one I wanted to embark upon to allow our tiny woollen mill to make more than just merino yarns. We had initially planned for 20 colours, ten dyed for our mill and ten hand dyed after it was spun bare. But, no no. My love for colour out won that goal. We are launching 36 colours! 12 dyed in the fibre then spun, 12 spun then hand dyed, and 12 spun then hand dyed with speckles – which turn to an almost watercolour likeness as it’s absolutely 100% non superwash.

We’ve also created two new patterns, a simple rib hat and some cabled fingerless mittens. Just in time to keep your head and hands toasty for the coming cold weeks. They’re free, too! They’re available on our Ravelry or Payhip stores for download. 

We hope you love this absolute treat of a yarn


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