GATHER – An Autumnal Yarn Calendar

The countryside changes as we creep into Autumn.

I’m fully immersed in the colour of autumn – the chillier days, the crisp air, the berries filling the hedgerows, the leaves turning, candlelight bouncing on the walls in the darkening evening.. and somehow wanting to knit absolutely everything and wondering where I’ll find the time.

Every evening my smallest boy says to me ”oink oink pig mammy”, which means let’s go say goodnight to the pigs in a neighbouring field. It’s unusual to find pigs roaming free in fields these days (in Ireland, at least) but they belong to a young girl who won them at a fair and she keeps them as pets. The whole thing is ridiculously cute. But on these walks every evening, I’ve been watching the countryside change as we creep into Autumn. The berries are showing up, the hedgerows suddenly bursting with rich reds and dark purples. My boys pick some blackberries to eat on the way to say goodnight to Bacon and Plaster (the piggies names that my oldest chose…), the leaves are changing colours and although it happens yearly, it never ceases to amaze me. And when we return, my husband has lit the fire (we chop and burn logs that have fallen in our forest), the smell is just one that we automatically associate with the changing days, a candle is lighting in the living room, waiting for me to spend the evening burying deep down into my sofa knitting away (on a secret test knit that I can’t wait to show you!). Earlier this year some things happened/resurfaced for me, and it totally killed all of my knitting mojo, perhaps you guys had picked up on that aspect without realising. I felt like I was just surviving the days. Knitting this on a deadline kind of forced me to come back, be present with my craft, enjoy the colours I had chosen, the yarn I was using. Allowed me to get out of my head and back to where my heart belongs. I often wonder in telling you this, do I share too much? Maybe, but maybe some of you are here now too, remembering the craft you love so much and it’s power to help. To heal. 

This week in the mill, our carder is finally being repaired. We have a second one thankfully which helped us get through the last few months of yarn making. We spent the past few weeks preparing and dyeing a new fibre to turn into yarn. We are hoping it’s a more wallet-friendly yarn, something that screams luxury, but without the hefty price tag too. I’m hoping to release this for late November, early December, as it will be a more winter/spring yarn. We are going to process ten dyed in the wool colours, and ten hand dyed colours so that means spinning undyed yarn through the mill which is unusual for us but also a really lovely process. Colour planning (my favourite part, ha!) for all twenty colours has been finalised and with the second carder back in action this week we are springing into action on this new yarn!

 A limited yarn calendar celebrating the transition into autumn! Four sock minis (mini lites), four méara minis (from our mill) and one full skein of sock lite, completing the gorgeous collection of yarn is a delicately fragranced cold process soap packed full of lanolin to keep your woollen garments fresh, an earthy scented candle for the chilly nights and some autumnal loose leaf tea to relax on the sofa while you knit away.

Le grá


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