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This months club theme is Soft Days in the Meadow and Soft Nights by the Moonlight.

We are still so in love with our Soft Days/Soft Nights collections that we’ve been working on for the past year, and are so enamoured with it that we absolutely want to continue this natural evolution within this theme.

This theme/club will have three skeins, as they tell a story, each skein leading into the next. Not necessarily as a fade. But a visual story.

Soft Days in the Meadow. The summer hasn’t exactly started here in Ireland, it’s just been raining for weeks and weeks.. its quite beautiful though. So moody and lush. The meadows are full of life. Bright orange poppy’s with a backdrop of heathered grasses and soft yellow flowers, the forget me nots sparkling in between.. the ominous clouds overhead, and sliver of sunlight shining through… a pure visual delight.

Soft Nights by the Moonlight. While the summer hasnt fully began here, lots of rain and lush graases blooming, the trees busrting with life, our days are sticky. Humidity is high. Our nights are cloudy, yet often long stretches of clear skies where the stars blaze down on us. the moon, in all her glory, casting eerily pretty light onto the treetops. Irelands position on Earth, means we get long bright evenings, well on until after 11pm at the height of summer, meaning the moon is sharing the sky with the remnants of yesterdays sun… and I want to capture that in this club. 

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