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Thursdays Drop

I’m still loving Thursdays Drop! Carving out that little bit of “me time” at my dye pots has even me such a burst of energy. I really look forward to it each week, and find myself daydreaming about colours and bases. It’s been real nice getting back into a moment of pure creativity each week. This week I dyed up my current favourite colours on Merino DK – a soft a squishy base, it has a really nice “heaviness” to it, perfect if you’re starting to consider knitting sweaters for the winter. I popped in a few minis into my dye pots (I am an avid believer that there should be zero dye left over in the pots when yarn is taken out, so sometimes as Kidsilk is only 50g, I add in more yarn to make sure the dye is absorbed completely!) along with some stunning Kidsilk Mohair. I’m riding the high that is the soft colours I dyed last week – so I did some again, in similar vibes! I also dyed up my favourite softies on Organic Aran – this base is everything to me right now. It’s rustic, it’s non Superwash, the dyes melt like watercolours… And of course I made sure to have sweater quantities! 

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