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Oooooooh boy! It’s been hot second since we offered clubs, and for good reason. I like to consider myself pretty transparent and honest so, earlier this year we ran into some supply chain issues (not limited to yarn!) and I felt I let down a lot of people when it came to our clubs. However, I did my best to rectify and make it up to those affected, and pretty much everyone was chill about it (so thankful to you!). I’ve been emailed a lot in the past few weeks from folk wondering why I haven’t listed clubs. And honestly, I was afraid to! I really dislike letting people down, but the emails kept coming so I’ve come up with a solution, a good one I think. 

We are moving to monthly clubs! This allows us to control the supply chain better and more accurately in terms of planning, expectations of disruptions to deliveries (to us, from our suppliers) and provides a quicker turn around. On the last Thursday of every month (so tomorrow, along with Thursdays Drop) we will be releasing the upcoming months club theme, and a confirmed shipping date!

This months club theme is …. Soft Days in the Meadow / Soft Nights by the Moonlight. We are still so in love with our Soft Days/Soft Nights collections that we’ve been working on for the past year, and are so enamoured with it that we absolutely want to continue this natural evolution within this theme. Each theme will have three skeins (either hand dyed or spun in our mill), as they tell a story, each skein leading into the next. Not necessarily as a fade. But a visual story.

Our options for hand dyed clubs is:
Sock Lite/Merino DK in either 3 x 50g skeins (212m for Sock Lite / 112m for DK) or 3 x 100g skeins (425m for Sock Lite / 225m for DK). 

Our options for mill yarn clubs is:
 Méara/Cór mill yarn in either 3 x 50g skeins (220m for Méara / 110m for Cór) or 3 x 100g skeins (420m for Méara / 220m for Cór)

We are hoping that this is maybe a bit more accessible to some also, and that we can move forward with our much beloved clubs (oh I do really love them, they open up such possibilities and freedom!) and open up even more themes to you… this round of clubs will ship July 22nd!

Above is a visual representation of what Soft Nights by Moonlight *might* look like… And Soft Days in the Meadow… just how pretty are these groupings?

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