Here in Ireland, we call rainy days “soft days”

Soft Days and Soft Nights

Back in mid 2021, we created new colours for Autumn/Winter and based it on the idea of “soft days”. Here in Ireland, and I’m sure in many parts of the world, we tend to call days that it rains on as soft days. There’s something so pretty about that saying, and it got me thinking about how I view our soft days.

I adore our soft days, they make colours just so much more moody and in my opinion pretty spectacular. I’ve tried to capture some landscapes from our soft days – from bogs & peat lands, to swimming in lakes and seas under dark ominous clouds, to seeing the colour of rain on water, to dusty glows of the sky after a rain shower & soft misty mornings watching the drizzle come down.

Once we launched our Soft Days collection, we instantly all knew wanted to push this idea further, and so we created our clubs Soft Days and Soft Nights, developing on the idea of soft nights too. We’ve had some pretty amazing colours come from this, and our eyes are keenly focused on how we view the world through colour on these days.

We’ve been playing with this idea for the past eight or so months, exploring colours and palettes and our ideas around this, and next week will be launching our first joint mill yarn & hand dyed yarn release, along with it being a Soft Days and Soft Nights release.

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One comment on “Here in Ireland, we call rainy days “soft days”

  1. NIce new site. I love it. At least it looks new to me.
    Cannot wait to see new colors. AM in a different time zone.
    Love your yarn.
    Keep on keeping on