Our mission is to make beautiful, delicately dyed yarn

Our Mill

Our mission is to make beautiful, delicately dyed yarn. Often veiled with subtleties, beckoning you to look closer.

To create yarn that feels soft yet strong, that builds a wonderful rustic drape. Yarn that emboldens you to indulge in sensory magic, yarn that glides through your fingers and immerses you visually. Colours that speak to your heart and calm your mind.

Connecting handknitters to quality, carefully considered materials.

We just love that our mill is (in comparison) teeny tiny and non commercial. From choosing the fibre, dyeing, processing and all the miniscule bits that go into deciding our final yarns is completely up to us. Truly, from start to finish, our process is hands on and immersive.

Our colour, dyeing and blending process has followed on naturally from our hand dyed yarn practice. What makes up a single colour of our mill yarn, is actually several colours carefully considered and then hand dyed, and cleverly blended together at both our carder and our drawframe. We strive to create captivating colours, celebrating subtleties, drawing inspiration from our surroundings, our heritage. 

Carefully handled fibres, custom spun in our mill in Co. Cavan.

Olann Mills is a semi-worsted mill that has the ability to process fibre for individuals in batches of 1kg or more. We create and spin a range of sustainably sourced yarns including Alpaca, Merino, Dorset, Galway, and other rare breeds.

We offer a complete milling service to those who wish to process Alpaca and other rare breeds here in Ireland. Using a 12 step process from sorting, carding to plying we will transform your fleece into soft, lustrous yarn.


To begin the process we firstly assess the fibre; we look for quality, staple length and cleanliness of it. We have a very gentle washing facility which uses an organic soap to remove lanolin oil from sheep fibre and dust from alpaca fibre. 

Once the fibre is dried and loose vegetable matter removed, we pick the fibre and prepare it for carding. From here we are able to process it in numerous ways, from batts to roving for hand spinners or felt makers, or spun into yarn which can be finished onto a cone, into a ball or skein. The beautiful fibre can be used for knitting, weaving and other crafting projects.

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