Dorcha Club

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Welcome to the Dorcha Club!

This is a 3 month subscription to the Olann Dorcha Club which begins in the second week of January 2021.

The Dorcha Club is all about the dark side of life. I live for winter, the dark nights, the frosty air, creepy forests! Lots of rain and moody days. I equally love the bright sunny mornings when the dew lies prettily atop the grass. This club will explore those dark wintry days, with peaks of sunshine and blue skies, blustery days where umbrellas fly everywhere...

You have 2 choices of bases, you pick one base for the duration of the membership.

Signups for membership are announced on social media platforms. We open memberships in the final month of the previous round. Club colours are unavailable to non-members.

Should you require more yardage, you can buy two or more club subscriptions and we will refund you the second shipping costs.

Packages will ship via An Post express post.